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Human Trafficking Lawsuit and How a Pittsburgh Human Trafficking Lawyer Can Help

When it comes to human trafficking, it is not just the criminals that are responsible and accountable for the heinous crime. For the growing human trafficking crisis, different businesses in the USA, like hotels, airlines, shops for trucks, and websites are equally accountable but till now they have always been not accountable for this. But not anymore. Now, you can act against them. Get in touch with an experienced Pittsburgh human trafficking lawyer who can help you file a claim, not just the criminals but also the people who are equally accountable.

At Mountaineer Injury Law Group, we have handled cases of human trafficking and our Pittsburgh sex abuse lawyer made sure that the liable parties remain answerable for aiding to the crime. If you are in a similar predicament, then don’t delay in contacting us.

Things to Know About Human Trafficking Lawsuit

According to records, human trafficking is a business worth $150 billion a year. And sexual exploitation gets $99 billion a year as a profit. Now it is quite impossible for the criminals to operate if they don’t get the aid from legitimate and established businesses like hotels, websites, or airlines. In fact, they directly help in hiding, sheltering, transporting, and promoting this crime.

In the 2008 amendment, Trafficking Victim Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) has allowed the survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse to move forward with the claims against the businesses that knowingly benefit by participating in human trafficking and sexual exploitation as an aid.

We at Mountaineer Injury Law Group have been dealing with the crisis of human trafficking and helping many survivors with the right proceeding for their claim. We have also collaborated with the national and international organizations that work closely with the survivors of this crime and make sure that they get the justice they deserve.

Our Pittsburgh human trafficking lawyer understands how delicate and sensitive matter it can be for the survivor to actually move forward with the claim in the uphill battle and what it means for them to actually speak up about the crime. However, this is the only way to save more lives too and create a better world for the future generation where they don’t have to deal with the fear of human trafficking.

If our Pittsburgh sex abuse lawyer has taken up your claim and proceeding with it, then be rest assured. We are ready for the aggressive trials and to bring justice to the victim and finally to make a difference.

What is Human Trafficking?

Generally, when it comes to human trafficking, trafficking for sexual exploitation gets more media attention. But apart from that, this crime is involved with other forms too such as, forced labor, both domestic and commercial like sweetshop, construction, factory, restaurants, and hotel along with sexual exploitation and marriage.

As per the reports of the International Labor Organization, around 40 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking. At least 80% of them are forced into marriage or labor against their will. 75% of all the victims are women and girls.

In 2000, the Trafficking Victim Protection Act was signed by President Clinton, the first federal act addressing the issue of modern-day trafficking that defines human trafficking as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person” for sexual service or labor by force, fraud or coercing.

In 2017, Forbes has claimed that human trafficking is becoming the fastest growing industry in the USA. In 2015, Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act was signed which holds those criminally liable who purchase sexual services from the victims. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking has also been established to advise and help the federal government for reviewing policies and helping victims. The survivors are included in the council to advise the government.

When you get all these supports, it is also the duty of our Pittsburgh human trafficking lawyer to ensure you get the justice you deserve for being subjected to the crime.

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