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West Virginia firm pursues justice for clients struck by commercial vehicles

Getting hit by a truck could cause life-changing medical problems, and the legal challenges are also often particularly difficult. Mountaineer Injury Law Group battles on behalf of West Virginians in cases against careless drivers, trucking companies and other parties that contribute to a commercial vehicle accident. From offices in Morgantown and Martinsburg, my legal team secures substantial payment for victims through insurance claims, settlement negotiations and trial verdicts.

Firm works to recover payment for medical bills, lost income and other damages

West Virginia is a state that relies on the extraction and transport of natural resources. Coal mining, timber and other industries require daily use of large trucks throughout the Mountain State. Unfortunately, steep roads, heavy cargo and unpredictable weather, along with other factors, contribute to approximately 1,000 commercial vehicle accidents a year here, and West Virginia ranks among the states with the most accidents per mile traveled. If you’ve been hurt in one of these crashes, it can be a serious challenge to secure the payment you need to pay doctor’s bills and replace the income you’ve lost while recuperating.

Common causes of truck accidents

Controlling a semi-truck or another type of commercial vehicle is more difficult than operating a passenger car safely. This is why drivers of large trucks must obtain special licenses and follow rules that don’t apply to others on the road. Specific factors that commonly contribute to truck accidents include the following:

  • Driver fatigue — Long hours on the road and the pressure to make deliveries can lead drivers to remain behind the wheel when they are too tired to be alert. I can review information from the vehicle’s data recorder to determine if driver fatigue played a role in your crash.
  • Overloaded and improperly loaded vehicles — Trucking companies and the businesses that contract with them might be tempted to overload a tractor-trailer in order to save the cost of an additional trip. This cuts down on a vehicle operator’s ability to maneuver out of a dangerous situation. Similarly, cargo that is not properly secured also increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Weather conditions — Snow, ice and rain can increase the amount of braking distance a big rig needs to reach a complete stop. It is a truck driver’s responsibility to adjust to weather conditions that affect how their vehicle performs.
  • Distracted driving — Many truckers spend a great deal of time in their rigs and it is easy for someone’s attention to wander during long rides. Even a split-second distraction to look at a cell phone or have a bite to eat could trigger a collision.
  • Equipment failure — Large commercial vehicles are sophisticated machines with thousands of parts. An equipment failure due to poor maintenance or a product defect could result in serious, or even lethal, harm.

The first step to obtaining the justice you deserve following a truck collision is hiring an auto accident attorney with an established record of success in these matters.

Who is liable for a truck accident?

Sound legal advice is particularly important in a truck accident claim. Passenger vehicles are usually driven by the vehicle owner or one of their family members. However, it can be more difficult to pinpoint each liable party in a crash involving a tractor-trailer or other large truck. Along with the driver, the company that owns the vehicle might bear some legal responsibility for failing to perform proper maintenance or hiring a driver who lacked proper training. A business that contracted the truck could have demanded that the rig be overloaded or packed with unsafe cargo. There might also be situations where a third party, such as a manufacturer, is at fault due to a mechanical failure or tire blowout. By thoroughly investigating the facts of the crash, your attorney will identify all of the parties that might provide compensation in your case.

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