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Car crashes occur in a split second, but without proper legal guidance, the process of obtaining appropriate compensation after the accident can take months, or even longer. In some cases, auto accident victims never receive proper payment. At Mountaineer Injury Law Group in Morgantown and Martinsburg, my legal team advocates aggressively for West Virginians who suffer serious injuries in vehicle collisions. Having recovered millions of dollars for clients in your situation, you can rely on me to stand up for your rights against insurance companies and in court, if necessary.

Accomplished firm handles car, truck and motorcycle accident claims

Nearly 300 people die each year on West Virginia roads, and hundreds more are seriously injured. Many of these cases involve collisions between passenger vehicles, but commercial truck accidents are particularly dangerous because of the size and weight of big rigs. Likewise, motorcycle accidents also carry a higher risk of catastrophic injuries, because bikers don’t have the protection someone has inside a car or truck. Whatever the facts are in your specific vehicle accident claim, my team will give you the chance to move forward with the payment you need to address healthcare expenses, lost wages, damage to your car and the physical and emotional harm stemming from the crash.

Factors that frequently lead to vehicle collisions

Each car accident case has its own unique circumstances. Some of the most common causes of car accidents include the following:

  • Alcohol and drugs — Even in cases where a motorist is not charged for driving under the influence, their ability to operate their vehicle safely might have been impaired by drinking or drugs.
  • Distractions — Cell phones, sophisticated dashboard displays, eating and in-car conversations frequently take a driver’s focus off of the vehicles around them.
  • Failure to adapt to weather conditions — Rain, snow and ice make driving more dangerous, and a motorist who does not adapt to weather conditions puts everyone around them at risk, especially on winding and hilly roads.
  • Speeding and other traffic offenses — Many people travel over the speed limit and cut corners when it comes to red lights, stop signs and other traffic laws. Unfortunately, a violation that might seem harmless to a driver could trigger a devastating collision a few seconds later.
  • Mechanical failure — Faulty brakes and other vehicle parts that don’t work as they should might mean that a manufacturer is legally responsible for the damage resulting from a car accident.

My firm is dedicated to helping victims of vehicle collisions maximize their compensation by holding negligent drivers accountable.

Liability and insurance claims

Unlike some other states, West Virginia is an at-fault auto insurance jurisdiction. This means that the carrier for the driver responsible for a car accident must pay medical and property expenses for the other victims. Having a strong legal advocate to present your side of the case is important, especially if there is a dispute over who caused the crash. Depending on the situation, my team might bring in an accident reconstruction specialist or cite eyewitness accounts to prove that the other driver was liable in your case. Insurance companies have up to 40 days to decide on a claim, and I focus on presenting persuasive evidence promptly so you can get the result you deserve.

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