Monongalia County Accident Lawyer Seeks Justice and Compensation for Motorcycle Crash Victims

West Virginia attorney assists bikers who have been hit by cars and trucks

West Virginia gives motorcycle riders the chance to enjoy beautiful scenery and winding mountain roads. While most rides are completed without incident, a crash can cause a biker to suffer devastating injuries. At Mountaineer Injury Law Group in Morgantown and Martinsburg, my legal team battles to get injured motorcycle riders the payment they need to deal with their medical bills and the lingering effects of a crash.  

Circumstances that frequently lead to motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents have risen sharply in West Virginia over the past few years. These crashes occur in a wide variety of ways, but many accidents are attributable to one of the following factors:

  • Distracted driving — Motorists who are looking at their cell phone, their dashboard screen or their meal create a danger for everyone else on the road, but bikers are particularly at risk. While a driver might see a car or truck out of the corner of their eye, they might not be able to react in time when they notice a motorcycle.
  • Left-turning motorists — A high percentage of collisions involving motorcycles can be attributed to drivers who are making a left turn without noticing that a bike is coming down the lane of traffic that the car is crossing.
  • Impaired drivers — Alcohol and drugs impair judgment and perception. Even a slight error by an intoxicated or stoned motorist could result in catastrophic harm to a motorcycle rider.

In a case where a car hits a motorcycle, the driver and their insurance might try to shift the blame to the victim by claiming they were lane splitting or driving recklessly. This is where it is critical to have a proven auto accident lawyer by your side to demonstrate what actually happened and overcome the preconceived false notions about bikers.

Types of injuries suffered by bikers

Bikers are not inside metal frames that can absorb some of the impact of a crash, and they don’t have air bags to cushion the blow. Even if you’re wearing a helmet while riding, you could suffer head trauma that results in a concussion or some other type of brain injury. Some victims of motorcycle accidents are fortunate to walk away with treatable injuries, such as whiplash, fractured bones or lacerations sometimes referred to as “road rash.” In more serious collisions, a motorcycle rider might suffer a catastrophic injury or damage to internal organs. A blow to the spinal cord might trigger partial or total paralysis. My firm advises clients with all types of motorcycle crash injuries and also handles wrongful death claims after fatal accidents.

Compensation for healthcare expenses, lost wages and other damages

Compensation in a motorcycle accident case is supposed to make the victim whole and hold the negligent party accountable. An award can include damages such as reimbursement of healthcare expenses, lost income and rehabilitation costs stemming from the accident. You can also obtain payment for non-economic harm, including pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment in your life and emotional trauma that haunts you even after your physical wounds have healed. There’s just one chance to get the compensation you deserve, so I work to secure the maximum account through a verdict or settlement.

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