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Without warning, someone else’s dog can shift from a docile pet to a serious threat. Large dogs have powerful jaws that can literally crush human bones. They can also inflict injury by jumping up and knocking a person to the ground. Even small dogs can produce serious injuries by puncturing the skin, damaging a nerve or blood vessel and causing infection. If you’ve been hurt in a dog attack, Mountaineer Injury Law Group in Morgantown and Martinsburg is ready to help. I provide aggressive legal representation focused on recovering the full compensation you deserve.

Damage done by dogs throughout the United States

Each year, about 4.5 million people throughout the United States are bitten by dogs. About 45 percent of harmful dog bites injure a victim’s hands or arms. Roughly 18 percent of dog bites are serious enough to require an emergency room visit. According to the Centers for Disease Control, dog attacks, including fatal ones, are on the rise. The breed most likely to bite and to fatally injure a person is the pit bull, followed by Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Huskies. Children make up roughly 57 percent of the victims of fatal dog attacks.

Determining liability for a dog bite in West Virginia

Dog bite laws vary from state to state. In West Virginia, the application of the law depends on certain circumstances. If an owner has allowed a dog to run free, the dog bite statute applies, and the owner is strictly liable for all injuries while the dog is at large.

If the animal is on the owner’s property or is being walked on a leash, common law applies. If the dog had previously bitten someone or exhibited some other aggressive behavior, the owner can be legally liable for injuries. However, if the dog had never displayed dangerous tendencies, the victim must show that the owner was negligent in its handling of the dog.

Owners have defenses as well. If a victim over the age of seven did something to provoke the dog, such as taunting or trespassing, the state’s comparative negligence law will reduce the victim’s recovery or eliminate it entirely.                                           

Assessing your dog bite claims to recover its full value  

Dog bite victims should be compensated for medical bills and other economic losses, as well as for pain and suffering. A dog attack can be a traumatic experience that triggers psychological symptoms, such as night terrors and agoraphobia. As your injury lawyer, I pursue full compensation for all your economic and noneconomic losses. I consult with medical experts to understand the full extent of your injuries, both physical and psychological, and assemble the evidence to make the most persuasive case possible.

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