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West Virginia products liability lawyer seeks justice for people harmed by toxic herbicide

Paraquat is a dangerous chemical herbicide that has spawned thousands of lawsuits from people those injured by exposure to it. At Mountaineer Injury Law Group in Morgantown and Martinsburg, I will fight aggressively to secure the compensation you deserve if you suffered due to paraquat exposure in West Virginia.

What is paraquat?

Used widely to kill weeds and other unwanted vegetation, paraquat was introduced commercially in 1961. Though it is utilized throughout the world, paraquat is so dangerous that the Environmental Protection Agency only allows it to be applied by people who have commercial licenses to do so. Methods of harmful exposure to paraquat include the following: 

  • Ingestion through food or drink, even in small quantities
  • Inhalation during or after its use on vegetation
  • Skin contact over an extended period of time or on areas where you have cuts, sores or rashes

Syngenta AG, which currently manufactures paraquat, includes dyes, odors and chemicals that are intended to prevent anyone from mistakenly drinking it and to vomit if they do. If you suspect you have been exposed to paraquat, my firm can discuss your particular symptoms in greater detail and determine if you have a case for damages.

West Virginia firm assists clients suffering various symptoms of paraquat exposure

You can suffer a variety of serious medical problems as a result of paraquat exposure, such as: 

  • Heart, kidney or liver damage
  • Scarring of, or fluid in, the lungs
  • Inability to breathe
  • Muscle weakness and stiffness
  • Mental confusion
  • Seizures
  • Coma

Individuals who work frequently with paraquat are the most likely to suffer these conditions, but others might be harmed by incidental exposure. My firm will consult with medical experts to determine if your symptoms linked to paraquat.

Knowledgeable mass tort lawyer keeps abreast of pending paraquat litigation

Thousands of people have filed suit against Syngenta AG and other defendants (such as those companies that distribute the product to users) because of the illnesses they have suffered from exposure to paraquat. The complaints in these cases usually allege that paraquat caused them to suffer Parkinson’s disease (a neurological disorder), kidney disease or both. In June 2021, Syngenta AG and another defendant settled with some of these plaintiffs for more than $187 million in total, which was paid into an escrow fund for later distribution among the plaintiffs. Most of the remaining lawsuits are still ongoing. I keep up to date with this mass tort litigation, so that I am ready to provide strong legal representation to West Virginia clients who have been harmed by paraquat.

Experienced legal advocate pursues paraquat exposure claims in court

To recover for damages for paraquat exposure, you must file your lawsuit within two years after you knew or should have known of your illness. As medical conditions such as Parkinson’s and kidney disease might not appear for years, you could have a case even though you were last exposed to paraquat more than two years ago. If you prove that paraquat was defectively designed or manufactured, or that the product that hurt you lacked sufficient warnings, the defect itself is sufficient to create legal liability. Proving liability in a paraquat case will require the opinion of a qualified expert, and linking your physical problems to paraquat will require an expert medical opinion. For these reasons, you need the help of a seasoned products liability attorney to obtain the payment you deserve.

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